Trufflestaff Black Barrel

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Trufflestaff Black Barrel (imp. UK)


Health results:
L2-HGA: genetically clear
HC: genetically clear
PHPV/HC/PPSC: unaffected


Interchampion (C.I.B.)
Polish Champion
German Champion VDH
German Champion DCBT
German Champion GBF
Slovenian Champion
Polish Youth Champion


Top Stafford 2012
Top Stafford 2011
The Best Bull Type Terrier in 2011 in Poland
Best in Show Terriers of Bull Type - Leipzig 2012


Poland Winner 2012
Poland Winner 2011
Slovenian Club Winner 2011
Champion of Champions Show Winner 2011
Intermediate Class Winner - Euro Dog Show 2011
Crufts Qualification 2012 & 2013


CACIB Nurnberg 2011 - T. Himmrich (D)
CACIB Glogow 2011 - M. Supronowicz (Sasquehanna - Pl)
CACIB Berlin 2011 + BOB & II BOG - R. Jacobs (D)
CACIB Maribor 2011 + BOB & BOG - C. Bergundthal (But's Charming Ruffians - CH)
CACIB Pohorje 2011 - C. Muldoon (Irl)
CACIB Leszno 2011 + BOB - J. Grunt (Atletico - Pl)
CACIB Szczecin 2011 - B. Matakovic (Cro)
CACIB Poznan 2011 - J. Grunt (Atletico - Pl)
CACIB Poznan 2011 + BOB & II BOG - M. Zakrzewska (Pl)
CACIB Opole 2012 + BOB & IV BOG - M. Kozlowska (Pl)
CACIB Szczecin 2012 - L. Csaba Zsolt (Ro)
CACIB Leipzig 2012 + BOB & BIS TTB - D. Brommont-Lothary (Von Amadis - D)
CACIB Poznan 2012 + BOB - J. Grunt (Atletico - Pl)

35 x CAC, 11 x BOS, 10 x BOB, 1 x BOG, 3 x II BOG, 1 x IV BOG, 1 x BIS TTB

7 x Junior Winner, 6 x Best Junior, III Best in Show Junior


Colour: black-brindle
DOB: 10.09.2009
Breeder: C. Hopkins - Trufflestaff, UK
Owner: L. Kozlarek


Mr. Craig Scanlan (Pantycelyn - UK)
"Quality bitch, super head shape and size with good lenght of muzzle. Neat rose ears. Good front. Well placed shoulders. Good rib, strong rear quarters. Moved and handled well."

Mr. Gary Hinsley (Tigerbull - UK)
"black-brindle, strong bitch, extremely strong head, big clean lips, good front and ribs, short in the backs, move very well, handled perfect"

Mr. James Beaufoy (Wyrefare - UK)
"beautiful, compact, standard size bitch, head of great quality, muzzle correct lenght, stop deep, correct bite, neat rose ears, correctly angled shoulders, powerful, level topline maintained in movement, well angulated hind quarters, balanced through, move with drive"

Mrs. Cornelia Bergundthal (But's Charming Ruffians - CH) - CACIB, BOB, BOG
"20 months, beautiful bitch all over, excellent head shape, excellent eye placement & colour, excellent coat, nice neck, good bones and front, excellent angulations behind, moves first class"


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